Teachers Who Teach at TCMC

Listed in Alphabetical Order by First Name


Blake Picture Blake Barton Blake Barton: has practiced, and studied meditation and the Buddhist path since 2001. He has attended numerous 10 day retreats with Shinzen Young,  Culadasa and other meditation teachers. Blake completed an intensive 4 year teacher training class with Dharma Treasure, and is completing the first level Unified Mindfulness training program.  For 22 years he has practiced voluntary simplicity, which allowed him to retire early and dedicate his life to spiritual practice and service.
Bonnie Picture Bonnie Colby Bonnie Colby: is grateful for 4 decades of training in contemplative practices and effective nervous system interventions of diverse cultures. She has taught meditation classes, workshops and retreats for over 22 years -- emphasizing “on-the-spot” practices that enhance resilience. In her university work, Dr. Colby focuses on neuro-behavior in how diverse groups approach natural resource challenges. She has a background in restorative movement, is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and is certified in the Safe & Sound Protocol. Bonnie is a trauma-informed meditation teacher, with training from Institute of Applied Meditation, Unified Mindfulness and other organizations.
Chuong Picture Chuong Tran Chuong Tran:  For 20 years I was a student of meditation in my home country, Viet-Nam, where I practiced the Mahayana form.I found my way to Mary McWhorther’s garage which was the first TCMC sangha.  I have been practicing Vipassana meditation ever since.  In 1999, I helped Mary run monthly workshops for beginners. In 2000, I lead some TCMC classes, and in 2001, I started the weekly Wednesday night Metta (Lovingkindness) class.   Shinzen Young is my main teacher.
Hayward Fox Picture Hayward Fox Ph.D. Hayward Fox Ph.D.:  is a psychotherapist who, over the past forty years, has conducted over 60,000 interviews with people discussing their personal concerns and interests. What makes him an extraordinary teacher is his ability to meld his psychotherapy and meditative practices -- “two wings of the same bird” -- and provide a gentle, intuitive and safe presence. He responds to our intention to be free of inhibiting patterns and to recognize our authentic nature.
Kaishin Picture Kaishin Ashley Kaishin (Blake) Ashley: has been a student of Shinzen Young since 2001. He has a website at magnanimousmind.com and can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lhasha Picture Lhasha Tizer Lhasha Tizer, MS - has been studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness meditation and Buddhist Studies for over 35 years. She is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leader Program through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She is a teacher of Insight Meditation, and has been teaching at Tucson Community Meditation Center since 2000. She studies with various Insight Meditation teachers including: James Baraz, Gina Sharpe, Thanissara, and Eugene Cash. Her guiding vision is to offer compassion and wisdom for all. Her web site is: www.themindfulnesspath.com

Lorelei Patrick
Lorelei Patrick - began practicing yoga and meditation in 1976, and has been teaching since 1986. She completed the 200 hour yoga certification offered by the Himalayan Institute in 2007 along with a certification in foot reflexology and Aromatouch. After recently relocating to Tucson Arizona she currently practices with the Tucson Community Meditation Center. She enjoys hiking, strength training, cooking naturally yummy foods, and walking
Nick Picture Nick Van Kleeck Nick Van Kleeck - has practiced meditation since 1987, first in the Zen tradition with Robert Aitken and John Tarrant, and later with Vipassana teachers including Gil Fronsdahl.  His related interests include inquiry as practiced in the Diamond Approach and Somatic Experiencing. He has studied with Culadasa since 2010
Shelly Picture Upasika Shelly Hubman Shelly Hubman: has been practicing meditation for over 20 years. She has studied with Geshe Tsulga, Santikaro, Tsultrim Allione, and Culadasa.
Shinzen Picture Shinzen Young Shinzen Young: became fascinated with Asian culture while a teenager in Los Angeles. Later he enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Buddhist Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Eventually, he went to Asia and did extensive training in each of the three major Buddhist traditions: Vajrayana, Zen and Vipassana. Upon returning to the United States, his academic interests shifted to the burgeoning dialogue between Eastern meditation and Western science. Shinzen is known for his innovative “interactive, algorithmic approach” to mindfulness, a system specifically designed for use in pain management, recovery support, and as an adjunct to psychotherapy.