Mission Statement

TCMC is committed to providing a community that nurtures and supports the teaching and continuing practice of meditation and mindfulness in daily life. TCMC provides opportunities for anyone to learn and practice meditation from both local and visiting teachers. We also provide library resources, social events, as well as both residential and non-residential meditation retreats. We are a non-sectarian organization and anyone with an interest in meditation is welcome.

Guiding Principles


TCMC promotes a learning community of spiritual companions to offer support and refuge for each other’s practice


While acknowledging that insight meditation is rooted in Buddhism, TCMC welcomes new and experienced students from all meditation and spiritual traditions.

Spiritual Path

We recognize that the spiritual path has many dimensions including:
 Exploration
 Concentration
 Insight
 Compassion
 Clarity
 Equanimity
 Wisdom
 Generosity
 Service
 Loving Kindness
 Joy


TCMC is a non-profit volunteer organization that invites participation and involvement. While TCMC has an elected board, our positive momentum and evolution are dependent upon the generosity, volunteerism and service of all who come to our center.

Ethical Guidelines

We seek to be a respectful and compassionate community that intends no harm to ourselves or others through speech or actions. We understand that conflict arises and are committed to deal with it mindfully, compassionately and constructively.