Dear TCMC Members,

We are very excited to let you know that TCMC has finalized the purchase of the new building at 1147 N. Howard Blvd.  As most of you are aware, our wonderful home on Edison will be going on the market next year, and the board has been working for months to find a new home. Our architect and engineers have recently completed the remodeling plans, which have now been approved by the City of Tucson. We are currently awaiting bids from contractors. 

The remodeling will include adding a second restroom which will be wheelchair compatible, removing walls to create a large meditation hall and adding a wheelchair ramp in the back of the building. We will also be adding a sink with cabinets, microwave, and refrigerator. We have already received a large donation to remove the dropped ceiling, and restore the building’s original, more spacious, 9-foot ceilings.

This letter marks the official kick-off of our fundraising campaign. We are estimating the remodel will cost around $50,000 and we need your help to reach this goal. TCMC members have been very supportive over the years, and the Friends of TCMC program has raised over $20,000 since its inception, and this money went towards the down payment. Without the Friends of TCMC donations, we would not have been able to afford our new building. We are very grateful to all of our Friends and other donors for your generous ongoing support.

We hope you will choose to make a donation to support the building remodel in one of the following ways:

1. Drop a check (Payable to TCMC) or cash in the Friends drop box (in the entryway) at the center.

2. Mail a check (Payable to TCMC) to TCMC PO Box 43415 Tucson, AZ 85733

3. Donate online via PayPal or credit card here. TCMC will be charged a 2.2% fee for these donations.

If any excess funds are raised, the money will go towards ongoing maintenance of the building, and replacing large items like the air conditioner or furnace.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The TCMC Fundraising Committee

TCMC has a Board of Directors that sets policy and strategic direction.  The Board meets once per quarter, and corresponds via email with the Executive director and other directors between meetings. Please consider serving the community in this valuable capacity.
Nominee Qualifications:
 1. Be a voting Member of TCMC (must attend the annual meeting and have participated in at least one TCMC sponsored activity during the past year.)
 2. Have attended one 2-day residential, non-residential, or online retreat sponsored by TCMC at any time in the previous seven years.
 3. Have assisted or volunteered in some capacity or served on the Board of Directors within the last 36 months. We are flexible on this requirement. 
 4. Professional teachers of religious doctrine may not be nominated to serve on the board.
 5. Nominees should have the time necessary to perform the duties of serving on the Board.
 Estimated Monthly Time Commitment: 2 hours

Director’s Duties:
 Attend at least 3 out of the 4 quarterly Board of Directors meetings
Familiarize yourself with TCMC Policies and Procedures
Correspond in a timely manner with the Executive Director & other Directors, usually via email
Set policy and strategy for TCMC
Board members serve for a period of one year.

If you are interested in being nominated, Please Email the information below to
Blake Barton: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please submit your nomination by April 14th.
NOMINATION INFORMATION Name, Phone, email address and mailing address. 
BRIEF BIO (no more than 5 sentences). Please include TCMC volunteer service, committees served on (if applicable), abilities, and any other pertinent information.

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