Present: Mike Berard, Jim Hannan, Blake Barton, Linda Bacon, Barbara Hall

Current Officers: Linda Bacon, President, Mike Berard, VP, Jim Hannan, Treasurer

Barbara Hall, Secretary, Blake Barton, Executive Director.

1. Discussion of past Board's appointment of Blake Barton as Interim Executive Director. Blake will work approximately 10 hours a week and list of duties are available in past Board document. Motion passed to appoint Blake Barton as Executive Director. Details of the agreement will be followed up by Jim H. and sent to Board.

2. Financial Report for first quarter presented by Blake Barton. Motion passed to accept the report.

3. Discussion of land line telephone at center. It would save TCMC money not to have one – current cost is $57.00 a month. Blake is currently answering messages that are left and looking for a volunteer to do this job. Board agreed that having a phone no. where inquires and questions can be answered is important. Linda agreed to do research on other options.

4. Barbara was asked to be contact person with landscape Committee. Questions were asked about water use for plants. Barbara will contact Randal.

5. The VOLUNTEER VOUCHER System has been set up as of June 1. Blake is to keep track of number of vouchers that are out. Blake will send a message out to all members about the new system. Blake will keep a record at TCMC of those members with vouchers. It is not known how much this system will be used and impact it might have on work load of TCMC.

6. Blake Barton is the new head of the Retreat Committee. Donations to scholarship fund for retreatrants will be listed separately in the quarterly financial reports. Board will also clarify and publish information regarding money raised through FRIENDS OF TCMC.

7. Fund raising ideas were discussed. Mike Berard presented an idea to partner with a foundation to raise funds for non profits and how this would align with our mission.

8. Outreach to the Tucson community regarding our mission was discussed. Suggestion to post flyers in public places. Blake will put together a flyer and send it to Board members for approval. Mike has access to Kathy's Poster service for distribution.

9. Discussion of hosting more classes at TCMC in empty slot times. Blake will be contacting teachers about Fall Schedule. Blake also reported that new web site should be ready by Sept.