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Desert Insight Meditation Classes and Schedule

With Community Dharma Leader Lhasha Tizer

Tuesday Evening Buddhist Book Group: 6:30- 8:30pm. This group consists of students who commit to participating in the book group for the entire length of the book. Each class begins with 30 minutes of partially guided and silent meditation begins at 6:30pm. Talks are offered by the teacher, group discussion, and mindful inquiry. This group opens to new participants whenever a new book is begun.   

Book study group: "Emptiness: A Practical Guide to Meditators" by Guy Armstrong, starts Tuesday Jan. 16th, ongoing

Wednesday Evening Sitting Group: 6:30- 8:30pm. These classes are sometimes offered as class series, each class building upon the previous one and other times they are designed to be a Drop-in class where students can come any time they choose, depending on the nature of the class. The classes consist of a dharma talk, Q&A, meditation, and mindful inquiry.

Wednesday Night - Current Ongoing Series


Basic Meditation Instuctions


Lhasha Tizer, MS - has been studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness meditation and Buddhist Studies for over 35 years. She began practicing in the Insight Meditation tradition 19 years ago.

She is a graduate of The Community Dharma Leader Program IV through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She teaches weekly class series in Introduction to Mindfulness, and the 4 Foundation of Mindfulness; The 4 Noble Truths; The 4 Brahma Viharas, The Noble 8 Fold Path; The Essential teachings of Insight Meditation; The Ten Perfections/ Paramis; The 5 Hindrances and other individual classes related to the above subjects.

In addition, she facilitates a weekly Book Study Group. Lhasha teaches silent daylong practice days and weekend retreats such as “Tucson Mindfulness in Nature Retreat”. She has also co-facilitated a monthly group in working with pain and difficult emotions. She co-teaches workshops in Wise Speech, and Compassionate Communication.

Lhasha also guides, consults and provides instruction privately to individuals in mindful living, meditation practices, and mindful inquiry and uses the tools of Somatic Experiencing when working with clients.

She is a teacher at Desert Insight Meditation and has been teaching at Tucson Community meditation Center since 2000 and in 2005 began teaching under the guidance of Anna Douglas, co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Her web site is: www.themindfulnesspath.com

You may contact Lhasha at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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