Homework - Class #1

Try your best to meditate for at least 15-20 minutes per day either the following guided meditations or on your own. Find a time and place that work well for you. 

Review the following document on posture.

  Posture_Pedia Document - by Stephanie Nash


Guided Meditations -

    20 minute Guided by Upasaka Culadasa


  45 minute Guided by Upasaka Culadasa


Homework Class #2

Continue to try and meditate every day maybe increasing your sessions by a few minutes.   Remeber to give yourself positive feedback when you notice that your mind has wandered. 

Guided meditation - exploring attention and awareness


Guided Meditation - tuning into the pleasant and joy


Homework Class #3

Try to maintain a daily meditation practice

Practice walking meditation at least three times, this could be in addition to seated meditation or in place of.

Listen to the following short walking meditation instructions from Culadasa as refresher

Walking Meditation Instructions

Guided Lovingkindness Meditation by Culadasa