Agave Suite

Comfort and convenience in the wilderness, encircled by spectacular mountain views; abundant birds and wildlife visible from your suite and the patios.  Luxury king size bed, kitchenette, bath with large cast iron bathtub/shower, queen size sleeper sofa. Shared bedroom and sitting room, sleeps 2.  Cost per person is $540.
1 spot remaining

Casita Manzanita

A complete “home away from home,” this peaceful refuge has stunning  views, wildlife. living & dining, fully equipped kitchen, cast iron bath/shower, private entrances, patio and porch. Shared sleeping area and bathroom.  Sleeps 2. Cost per person is $540.  1 spot remaining


Casita Manzanita Private Bedroom

This is a private bedroom within Casita Manzanita described above.  It shares a bathroom and sitting area with 2 other people.  Sleeps 1. Cost per person is $620

Strawbale Cabin

This cabin has a private bedroom and bathroom.  Sleeps 1. Cost per person is $650

Dharmatory Yurt

The yurt is a traditional structure – a Mongolian style walled tent, but modernized with architectural fabric, hi-tech foil insulation, fir lattice & beam and pine flooring.  It sleeps 4 in semi-privacy, and it has outdoor composting toilets.   Cost per person is $450

Michelle's Camp Trailer

2 private beds, extremely clean and lovely, with bathroom.  Sleeps 2.  Cost per person is $580

Airstream Camp Trailer

Private, well maintained classic vintage. Has indoor clean and sanitary indoor composting toilet. Sleeps 1. Cost per person is $580

Silverstream Camp Trailer

Private, well maintained classic vintage. Has indoor clean and sanitary indoor composting toilet. Sleeps 1. Cost per person is $580


There are 4 nice camping sites for tents or a camp trailer. Cost per person is $395


You may pay your final balance for the Arinna 2018 retreat by clicking the Buy Now button below.  After the PayPal screen appears  enter the balance due next to Item Price.  Then click the Update link which is below the item price.  The balance due  was on your email registration confirmation.  You may pay either by Paypal or with a credit card.  If you wish to pay by credit card, choose the "Don't have a Paypal account link on the PayPal screen, and you can enter your credit card information.  

Flexible Menu Plan for Shinzen Retreats

Please carefully list any dietary restrictions on your registration form.  This allows the kitchen staff to prepare the correct number of special items.  If you do not list a dietary restriction when registering, you will be expected to eat the regular food.

Breakfast to include:

Scrambled eggs

Bacon or sausage every other day (pork, not turkey)

One or more of the following: Toast, muffin, biscuit, pancakes, or waffles

Oatmeal or granola

Fresh fruit


Milk, soy milk, and almond milk


Lunch to include:



Hot or cold sandwich with components (including meat) also available separately, and some gluten free bread

Soup (with vegan option)

Fresh fruit


Dinner to include:


Meat entrée (beef, chicken, turkey, or fish in rotation). If this item incorporates pasta, grain, or soy, a grain-free, soy-free option shall be provided.

Hot vegan vegetable dish or soup with no grain or soy

Brown rice

Fresh Fruit

Dessert (may include grain and soy)

Please avoid the use of soybean, corn, or peanut oil for cooking.

Each meal should include appropriate condiments, and a selection of nuts.

*All salads shall include the following: chard, kale, lettuce, and spinach. Salads should also include at least 3 items from this list for variety: cheese, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, radicchio, carrot, red bell pepper, and radishes. Dressing options to include olive oil and vinegar. Croutons, sunflower seeds, and parmesan cheese on the side.


Residential Retreat Mindful Job List

Before and After the Retreat

Coordinate Airport Shuttle (FILLED) – this person coordinates a shuttle, to and from the airport, for those arriving from out of town.  This is a good job for someone arriving from out of town that needs a ride to the retreat center.

Help with Retreat Set-up (FILLED) – helps with the physical set-up of the retreat at the retreat center  and getting the supplies to COD Ranch. This will be done the day before the retreat in the morning.

Help with Retreat Teardown at the End  – (FILLED) helps with the physical teardown of the retreat at the end, and loads the supplies that go back to TCMC.

Greeters(FILLED) assist the registrar with welcoming guests to COD, and showing them to their rooms if necessary.  Greeters need to arrive a few minutes early.

Flowers (FILLED) bring a bouquet of flowers for the front of the meditation hall.

Parking Coordinator(FILLED) manage parking at the retreat center as people arrive. Make sure the cars are clear from the roads leading to the rooms so that walking meditation can be done

Bring snacks for the yaza (all night sit)) (Shinzen Retreat Only) . (FILLED) The snacks can include nuts, trail mix, chocolate, cookies, etc.  The expenses can be reimbursed up to $25 with a receipt.

Help Coordinate the Sweat Lodge (Shinzen Retreat Only): Will pass out maps to sweat lodge location and coordinate the food for the feast afterward.  Help coordinate rides to the sweat lodge location.  This will be done after the retreat ends.

Purchase Sweat Lodge Supplies: (FILLED) Purchase a list of items such as bottled water, cups, plates, etc for the sweat lodge, and bring them to the retreat. You will be reimbursed for the expense, and you don't necessarily need to attend the sweat lodge

Assist with Shinzen's book sales: (FILLED)  Make a sign and set up book display. Collect any money received daily and give it to the retreat registrar.  Make sure the book inventory matches the number of books sold.

During the Retreat

 Zendo Manager for the A.M. - (FILLED) Cares for and manages the Zendo (meditation hall) to insure that it is a comfortable welcoming place to practice. Manages temperature of the space, based on temperature set by retreat manager.

Zendo Manager for the P.M. - (FILLED) Cares for and manages the Zendo (meditation hall) to insure that it is a comfortable welcoming place to practice. Manages temperature of the space, based on temperature set by retreat manager.

Mindfulness Movement - (FILLED) lead a mindful movement session in the morning. This can be yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, somatic movement etc.

Help with Yaza (Shinzen Retreat Only) (FILLED) - help coordinate the Yaza (all night sit)

Bell Ringing Coordinator(FILLED) coordinates the bell ringing volunteers.

Sit leader Coordinator (FILLED)  – coordinates volunteer sit leaders.

Sound and Recording (Shinzen Retreat Only) (FILLED) record dharma talks during the retreat. Training will be provided.

Kitchen Liaison (FILLED) – work with the kitchen staff and retreatants to address any concerns or questions that arise during the retreat.

Maintain Flowers(FILLED) maintain the flowers at the front of the meditation hall. Give them fresh water, etc.

Check Emergency Number Voice Mail -  (FILLED) check the emergency number voice mail for messages 3 times per day.

Sit Leader - lead sits for those times when Shinzen is not in the meditation hall.  Ring a bell to start the sit.  Keep track of time, and ring the bell to indicate that the sit is over.

Bell Ringer - ring a bell to call people back to the meditation hall after meals and breaks.


It costs TCMC approximately $2100 per month to operate.  If you would like to make a donation to the TCMC General Fund to support day to day operations use the button below.  If you would like to make a donation to support the future needs to TCMC or to help save for the purchase of a permanent building please go the Friends of TCMC Program Page